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Try out the new features before the global update!


  • Added the possibility to reset your claim. It restores the digging ground to the default state. More info in the in-game bank.
  • You can mount crates on ST Sluicebox, to gain even more gold from T3+.
    • Mount up to 4 of them. Mount a bucket on the side.
    • Use your small shovel (new tool – press “”4″”) to empty them when they are full.
    • Don’t forget to turn off the water stream before lifting the crates.
  • Added gold nuggetator – machine to clean the miner’s mosses faster. One bucket contains 12 big mosses and 8 smaller ones.
  • Added New Water Pumps.
  • Implemented custom paintings for vehicles. You can use it in machine park.
  • Implemented mouse digging mode.
  • New driving model.
  • Added the possibility to rotate the objects while holding them.
  • Added the Season 1 trophy in the tent.

Bug fixes:

  • A reverse light shouldn’t blink on reverse gear anymore.
  • UI fixes everywhere.
  • Doors in Frankenstein will work properly now.
  • Fixed the bug, when the buckets on truck’s bed were spawning with the shovels in it.


  • Wavetable and Magnetite Separator show how much dirt is in them.
  • Frankenstein belt now works with only one button (turn off and on with the same button).
  • Optimized the Shadows.

How to join the Open Beta

To join our beta you have to make this few simple steps.

  1. Right-Click on the Gold Rush: The Game in your Steam Library.
  2. Select Properties.
    Gold Rush The Game Open Beta Update
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  3. Select BETAS Tab.
    Gold Rush Open Beta Update
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  4. Choose “openbeta – Prerelease testing branch”. You DO NOT NEED the beta access code.
    Gold Rush The Game Open Beta - How to Join (Instructions)
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  5. Restart your Steam Client.

To reverse the changes and go to the live build once again, just select the “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs” branch and restart your steam client.

REMEMBER: Saves from the beta version won’t work on the live build.

How to copy your saves

  1. Go to the in-game loading screen.
  2. Click “Copy Save” Button.
    Gold Rush The Game Open Beta - Copy Save Files (Instructions)
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  3. Wait, until the saves are copied.
    Gold Rush The Game Open Beta - Copy Save Files (Instructions)
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  4. Load the copied save.
    Gold Rush The Game Open Beta - Copy Save Files (Instructions)
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  5. Enjoy the Beta 🙂


The open beta update was released to help us find as many bugs as possible before the global release.
If you stumble upon any problems, feel free to submit them on the appropriate Gold Rush Discord channel.

Now let’s get digging!

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