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Open Beta Update 1.4.4 – Collectible Stories, New Skins, and New Repairs


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What’s new?

Travel around the map in search of amazing tales. With Collectible Stories you’ll learn more about the world of Gold Rush: The Game. There’s also a ridi-cow-lously nice reward for such effort.
More breakable parts = more challenges on your way to becoming the richest miner in Alaska. The threat is even more real, as from now on it is possible to see a “Game Over” screen, when you fail to pay your debts.
But that’s not everything! See changelog below for more info.


Open Beta branch is a voluntary option and it may not reflect the quality and content of actual Update 1.4.4.
Save files from Open Beta version won’t be transferred to a live build.
Machine Failures are disabled by default. You need to enable them in Settings/Game.


  • New Repairs (see the list of breakable parts below).
  • New Vehicles skins: Cow (for collecting all Stories) and Dragon Scales (available for purchase in the Machines Store).
  • Added collectible Stories.
  • Redesigned Blacksmith system.
  • Redesigned Magnetite system.
  • Redesigned loans system.
  • Added possibility to lose the game, when debts are too high (100,000$ for Normal Mode, 25,000$ for Hard Mode).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Trailers spawning bug.
  • Added possibility to rotate Fuel Nozzle.
  • Various UI fixes.
  • Fixed Pickup lights on lower LODs.


  • Added ‘Game Over’ screen.

List of breakable parts

Small Diesel Pump

  • Water Filter

Big Diesel Pump

  • Hose

Small Electric Pump

  • Fuse Box

Big Electric Water Pump

  • Engine Part
  • Hose

Small Generator

  • Cooler

Magnetite Trailer

  • Lever

Fuel Tank Trailer

  • Fuel Hose

Big Fuel Tank

  • Fuel Hose

Mobile Washplant

  • Wheel
  • Engine
  • Front Jets

Now let’s get digging!

How to join the Open Beta

To join our beta you have to make this few simple steps.

  1. Right-Click on the Gold Rush: The Game in your Steam Library.
  2. Select Properties.
    Gold Rush The Game Open Beta Update
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  3. Select BETAS Tab.
    Gold Rush Open Beta Update
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  4. Choose “openbeta – Prerelease testing branch”. You DO NOT NEED the beta access code.
    Gold Rush The Game Open Beta - How to Join (Instructions)
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  5. Restart your Steam Client.

To reverse the changes and go to the live build once again, just select the “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs” branch and restart your steam client.

REMEMBER: Saves from the beta version won’t work on the live build.

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