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Hey everyone,

with the new patch, we have addressed vehicles’ exiting issue and implemented an option to switch GPU Culling to CPU Culling. It can result in increasing FPS. Instruction how to switch it and a full changelog below.


  • Fixed vehicles’ exiting issues.
  • [!] Added GPU/CPU culling option to settings (only in Main Menu).
  • Changed how the game version is displayed on HUD.
  • Changed selling prices of parts according to the level of damage.
  • The Battery can now break when Pickup Truck is left with lights on for the night.
  • Changed notifications’ scroll sensitivity.
  • Added missing Water Filter icon in Online Equipment Store.
  • Fixed in-game menu text aligning.
  • Excavator’s teeth no longer break on collisions with Dumptruck’s hitboxes.
  • Added missing Water Jet’s name in failures’ notifications.

Known issues:

  • Damage module on Excavator’s teeth is to be lowered when digging on the edge of claims that meet hard surfaces.

[!] IMPORTANT: If you experienced FPS drop after the latest update, make sure to switch GPU Culling to “Disabled”.
Go to: Settings/Graphics/Advanced/GPU Culling->Disabled.

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