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Hey everyone!

We’ve applied some adjustments to the existing systems and values. Here’s an overview of the Patch, which has just been released:

  • Working Lamp Light durability increased.
  • Fuel Nozzle durability increased.
  • Big Areas gold amount increased.
  • Small Areas gold amount decreased.
  • Gold smelting time is no longer dependent on the amount of gold smelted – it all depends on your Time upgrade.
  • Smelting cost decreased.
  • Blacksmith upgrades cost decreased.
  • Magnetite can be gathered at every Tier now.
  • Magnetite can be sold at a Blacksmith now.
  • Magnetite price slightly decreased.
  • Magnetite can now be acquired from Hog Pan Mats, Miner’s Mosses, and Buckets.
  • Gold Nugget event values decreased.
  • Mobile Wash Plant cost decreased.
  • Small Excavator cost decreased.
  • Mobile Wash Plant processing speed increased.
  • Fast Travel now checks if there are any obstacles at fast travel waypoint – you need to keep some spare space to be able to use them.
  • Starting amount of Money slightly increased.

Check it out and let us know how the balance feels after the changes.

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