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Roadmap of upcoming updates

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Console versions

We’re currently in talks with console publishers to bring Gold Rush: The Game to PS4 and Xbox One. Once we have a solid release date set, we’ll definitely announce it on our channels!

Upcoming update

We’re working on tutorials for new players. We have received feedback, that the beginnings are quite tough for rookie miners. Tutorials are the next step (after the updates to the Journal and the DigTube) to give everyone a proper head start.
You can expect an Open Beta update (this formula has proven to be really effective) followed by the live update. More information in coming days.


DigTube -> when in game, press [TAB] and select “DigTube” tab.
Journal -> when in game, press [TAB] and select “Journal” tab.
Official Game Guide


Gold Rush: The Game on Steam
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Discord community chat
Facebook community group


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