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Hey! New patch is live!


Bug fixes:
– Game shouldn’t crash when changing machines with [ or ]
– Fixed issue where sounds from machines would still be heard from the delivery location.
– Fixed the sound where Big Franks conveyor belt sound would still be heard after being turned off.
– Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the pickup truck bed.
– Fixed an issue where cables would get stuck and cause the screen to turn red then blue and crash the game.
– Fixed the moving bucket issue – attaching/detaching hoses to buckets as well as picking up the hose.
– Fixed an issue where the indicators over the mobile wash plant would not be visible.
– Fixed the issue where the top mat in the sluice would get stuck on the Nighthawk Claim.
– Fixed the issue where players would get stuck between the ladders and the sluices.
– Fixed the issue where players would exit the dump truck and start to fly upwards.
– Fixed the issue where some players are crashing when switching vehicles with the hotkeys.
– Fixed a sound issue where the portable generator sound would remain if moved from one location to another.
– Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in small holes at the panning area
– Gold should no longer fall through the glass when panning.
– Fixed Magnetite separator issue where it would not display indicators on none flat surfaces.
– Fixed an issue where indicators would not be visible after loading a save game.
– A bug on teleport when getting off machines that could lead to soft lock of game
– Tent collision fixes
– Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck near slucie boxes
– Fixed de-sync of end day time
– Dozer fix (should be easier to make ramps)
– Fixed pressing esc on graphics settings
– Fixing issue for showing total gold on gold map

– Pressing M/TAB/J when in Map/Journal will now close them as well
– Adjustment to bedrock on Pine Valley and Nighthawk (there was a glitch that you could see digging ground but you could not dig it)
– Beep sound removed on some machines
– Front end loader power adjustment
– Back light added to some machines
– You can move stuff with frontend loader and cables
– Bucket on the digger is more flexible
– Added lights in big generator
– Nighthawks claim entrance has been made slightly wider.
– Streaming assets added to game options
– Improved the spawn locations of items bought at the store

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