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Update 1.3.8257 – Vehicles are ready to rock again!

Hello Prospectors,

It wasn’t easy to be a Front-end Loader operator lately, but don’t be troubled!
With latest Update 1.3.8257 your favorite machines are back on track!
More in the changelog below:


  • Front-end Loader and Dump Truck driving model fix.
  • Claim upgrade option fixed on a gamepad.
  • Paint Shop fixes.
  • Fixed gold bar’s double melting bug, when fast-clicking.
  • Bank’s Stock fix – possible to move through tabs on a gamepad.
  • Fixed Blacksmith’s buttons flashing.
  • Fixed notifications’ highlights on a gamepad.
  • Gamepad zoom now scrolls to gamepad’s cursor instead of the middle of the map.
  • Fixed bug, which caused quitting laptop menu, when trying to upgrade claim with (B) button.
  • Laptop launch optimization.
  • Menu launch optimization – should work smoother after pausing.
  • Added possibility to scroll map, after reaching map’s borders with gamepad’s cursor (left analog stick).
  • Store’s basket changes are highlighted with a blink.
  • Gamepad’s button translation fixed.
  • Frankenstein’s controls reset to default.
  • Frankenstein’s gamepad controls fix – player should no longer quit when pressing [Y] button. If the issue continues to exist, go into settings and change Frankensteins conveyor controls to Standard.


  • Added confirmation question, when firing a worker.
  • Added confirmation question, when selling a gold bar.
  • Looped claim selection on the map – pressing right on the last claim button, relocates to the first one.
  • Washplant balance – synchronized all elements, which can be filled.
  • Claim’s reset price is displayed when there are not enough funds.
  • Reduced amount of gold on all claims except the Old Arnold.

Now let’s get digging!