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Update 1.4.4 is LIVE!

Hello Prospectors!

Update is LIVE and it brings:

  • Collectible Stories
  • Fast Travel
  • New Paint Jobs
  • New Repairs

Full changelog below.

Collectible stories

Collectible Stories
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Explore the world of Gold Rush and discover exciting stories behind the places you pass by in your pickup truck on a daily basis.

New Paint Jobs

New Paint Jobs
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Speaking of the truck (and other vehicles), you can now paint it in fierce dragon scales. The cow skin for collecting all stories is also a moo-st have!

Fast Travel

Fast Travel
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When traveling around the map in your new dragon’s truck collecting stories, don’t forget to unlock Fast Travel waypoints. They will help you get across your parcels in no time!

New Repairs

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List of breakable parts keeps growing, but now the threat is even more real, as not paying loans might get you in real trouble! Manage your budget wisely, unless you want to see that new ‘Game Over’ screen, which we have prepared.



  • New Repairs (see the list of breakable parts below).
  • New Vehicles skins: Cow (for collecting all Stories) and Dragon Scales (available for purchase in the Machines Store).
  • Added collectible Stories.
  • Added Fast Travel option – it is accessible from the Map. To unlock Fast Travel waypoints, you must first reach them by foot and purchase the possibility to use them.
  • Redesigned Blacksmith system.
  • Redesigned Magnetite system.
  • Redesigned loans system.
  • Added possibility to lose the game, when debts are too high (100,000$ for Normal Mode, 25,000$ for Hard Mode).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Trailers spawning bug.
  • Added possibility to rotate Fuel Nozzle.
  • Various UI fixes.
  • Fixed Pickup lights on lower LODs.


  • Added ‘Game Over’ screen.

List of breakable parts

Small Diesel Pump

  • Filter
  • Fuse

Big Diesel Pump

  • Pipe
  • Coil

Small Electric Pump

  • Filter
  • Fuse

Big Electric Water Pump

  • Electric Engine
  • Pipe
  • Hose
  • Coil

Big Power Generator

  • Button

Small Generator

  • Cooler

Magnetite Trailer

  • Valve

Mobile Fuel Tank

  • Fuel Nozzle

Big Fuel Tank

  • Fuel Nozzle

Mobile Washplant

  • Wheel
  • Engine
  • Front Jets

Gold Nuggetator

  • Jet
  • Belt
  • Pipe


  • Cable
  • Jet

Magnetite Separator

  • Hose

Thank you!

We’d like to thank all beta testers, who helped us polish this update. You’re awesome!

Now let’s get digging!

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