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Update 1.4.2

Update 1.4.2 - Tutorial and Hard Mode are LIVE! Brand-new features for new and experienced players! Hello Players, With Update 1.4.2, we introduce free content for both rookie miners and experienced prospectors: Tutorial Hard Mode Tutorial We all have been greenhorns...

Open Beta Update

Open Beta Update Hey everyone, We're introducing some changes to the upcoming Hard Mode. Hard Mode changes Disabled 1$ Mode. Disabled Gold Nugget findings. Disabled Digging Helper. Disabled Tutorial Prompts. New Game starts with 0$. Lowered minimum loan in...

Open Beta Update

Open Beta Update Tutorial Part 1 Open Beta Update is here! Try out the new features before the release. What's new? Tutorial Part 1. Fans of Gold Rush TV Series know that beginnings can be tough. Each one of us had been a rookie miner before our gold mining...

Who we are


We’re a team of young and passionate people who dedicates their lives to create the best and most innovative games. There is not many of us, but we exceed it with discipline and hours of hard work.

We’ve got experience in both PC and Console gaming, although our most famous game so far is a PC title – Gold Rush: The Game.

If there’s an issue with one of our game or just want to contact us in any matter, use the contact form on the right side. We will respond within few business days.


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