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Update 1.3.8298 – About time

Update 1.3.8298 - About time Hello! Ahoj! Salut! From now on you can play Gold Rush in Czech and Romanian languages. We have also fixed some of the reported bugs, including the time flow inaccuracy (the not-so-subtle pun in the headline should make sense now). See...

Update 1.3.8257 – Vehicles are ready to rock again!

Update 1.3.8257 - Vehicles are ready to rock again! Hello Prospectors, It wasn't easy to be a Front-end Loader operator lately, but don't be troubled! With latest Update 1.3.8257 your favorite machines are back on track! More in the changelog below: Fixes: Front-end...

Feature: Small Electric Water Pump

Feature: Small Electric Water Pump Small Electric Water Pump is a new equipment added to Gold Rush: The Game with the Update 1.3. As opposed to other pumps, Electric Water Pumps (Small and Big) allow you to move water, by supplying the device with electricity from...

Who we are


We’re a team of young and passionate people who dedicates their lives to create the best and most innovative games. There is not many of us, but we exceed it with discipline and hours of hard work.

We’ve got experience in both PC and Console gaming, although our most famous game so far is a PC title – Gold Rush: The Game.

If there’s an issue with one of our game or just want to contact us in any matter, use the contact form on the right side. We will respond within few business days.