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Hey everyone!

We’ve applied some adjustments to the existing systems and values. Here’s an overview of the Patch, which has just been released:

  • Working Lamp Light durability increased.
  • Fuel Nozzle durability increased.
  • Big Areas gold amount increased.
  • Small Areas gold amount decreased.
  • Gold smelting time is no longer dependent on the amount of gold smelted – it all depends on your Time upgrade.
  • Smelting cost decreased.
  • Blacksmith upgrades cost decreased.
  • Magnetite can be gathered at every Tier now.
  • Magnetite can be sold at a Blacksmith now.
  • Magnetite price slightly decreased.
  • Magnetite can now be acquired from Hog Pan Mats, Miner’s Mosses, and Buckets.
  • Gold Nugget event values decreased.
  • Mobile Wash Plant cost decreased.
  • Small Excavator cost decreased.
  • Mobile Wash Plant processing speed increased.
  • Fast Travel now checks if there are any obstacles at fast travel waypoint – you need to keep some spare space to be able to use them.
  • Starting amount of Money slightly increased.

Check it out and let us know how the balance feels after the changes.




Machines’ battery issues have been resolved in today’s hotfix. We’re as always grateful for your reports!


  • Added possibility to Enable/Disable failures from in-game Settings when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed issues with missing terrain texture after disabling GPU Culling.
  • Improved GPU Culling.
  • Fixed Battery’s unnecessary failure, when a machine has engine and lights turned on during the sleep.
  • Fixed Excavator’s bug, which prevented it from using after changing hoses.
  • Removed Battery failures’ randomness on engine’s start.
  • Removed easter egg drawing from a dirty car’s window.
  • Fuel Filter will now break when trying to start an engine with an empty fuel tank, instead of immediately after attaching to a pickup truck with an empty fuel tank.
  • Balance changes.

Hotfix 1.4.8542

Hotfix 1.4.8542

Thanks to your prompt help, we were able to identify and fix some of the unexpected issues from yesterday’s update.
Additionally, we have uploaded new DigTube videos in case you needed any help with running your gold mining operation. See the full list of changes below.


  • Added new DigTube videos.
  • Fixed few balance issues.
  • Machines should no longer break when not used.
  • Fixed incorrect text scaling of Failures notification in the main menu.
  • Disabled notification about Excavator’s teeth breakdowns when Failures are turned off.
  • Fixed hydraulic hoses’ names in notifications.
  • Corrected parts’ names in laptop notifications.
  • Fixed bug which made the map partially transparent after double-clicking the [M] button.

Known issues:

  • Sometimes it’s not possible to exit a vehicle. Temporary solution: press ‘[‘ or ‘]’ to change vehicle and exit.

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